Writing Sample – Open Letter

I was happy where I was. Our relationship was great – or so I thought.

Then it ended.

I knew it was coming, I’d known for a while but then it was over. Never to be rebuilt.

You stepped in and filled the void. I never wanted you but you were there. I was powerless, you took over and I went along with it.

But it’s not working for me.

You don’t have time for me – I can never get you on the phone in my hours of need.

The old one was never like that. Always there happy to help no matter the day or time.

They wanted me, needed me even. To you I just don’t matter.

I think we need to call it at day and go our separate ways, but I know you’ll make it near impossible to leave.  I’ll pen you a little something in hope that it might make you understand my need to part ways.

*clears throat*

Dear Sky,

It’s not me its you!

I called you today and I knew what I had to say. I even had notes so you wouldn’t get away with your lies & excuses. But you won again. You never listen to what I have to say, you interrupt me and then spend minutes explaining what I’ve said to you as though I didn’t know it already.

Our connection isn’t good enough, it’s just not lasting. You are the internet provider that ‘can’t keep it up’ . There are no pills to fix you sadly, and it’s leaving me VERY unsatisfied.

After our chat today I felt worthless, why do you always try to make it feel as though I am somewhat lacking in the English language department? We both know it’s you that is lacking. Your lack of understanding is the problem. Your lack of staying power leaves me frustrated.

I’ve started to stray….I’ve been looking elsewhere for a faster, stronger connection. I’ve been promised all kinds of things – they’d make you blush.

So I think it’s time we part, no more last chances.

This is it. It’s OVER.