Writing CTA Emails

Before learning how you write an effective CTA for your emails, you need to understand how they differ from other marketing channels like blog posts or social media content.

All of the words in your email is an extension of your Call To Action, which is what can make writing CTA emails difficult. Nobody really reads long marketing emails so you have limited space to work with. There’s no room for getting sidetracked. This is what makes it so different.

Writing a blog post, social media post gives you much more freedom. You have more time and space to incorporate images or Gifs to keep the reader interested and to encourage them to act. With videos you can use your body language and props for the same purpose. These are things that tend to come more naturally to all of us.

People get inundated with email after email of marketing content so how can you make yours stand out?

You spend a lot of time working on your email strategy with one sole purpose – to get a reply. However, many subscribers will continue to ignore you. What if there was a simple way to solve that with your call to action (CTA)? Your CTA is the most important piece of copy you will write, but can often becomes the most neglected.
There is no need to restructure your whole email structure, you could just add to it.
A few tweaks of your CTA can bring the changes needed to attract those elusive customers.

Tips for writing a strong CTA Email:

1. Location: Where you position your CTA is the most important thing to consider. With short copy placing the CTA at the end of the message is absolutely fine. Longer copy however would be best written with several variants of your CTA throughout. Try out different locations for your CTA to see which yields better results.

2. Content: Simple is often best. Keep your CTA short and sweet. Tell your readers what to do, tell them when to do it. Your main aim is to them what what you are offering and why they need it. Your CTA needs to reel them in. Quickly.

3. Appearance: There are no rules as to what a CTA should look like. Ideally you want something that is both individual to your product/company while still being recognisable as a CTA. Sounds confusing? Not really, for example if using a button try it in the style of your company logo. You can add personality or make it plain – just create the look you want. Just keep testing it out. Remember not all customers respond to the same things.

4. Linking To The Appropriate Place – In order for CTAs to be successful, they need to take customers to the relevant page. Take them straight to the product/service you are selling. Don’t make it easy for them to leave your website without a purchase. You already have their intent if they’ve clicked through.

The best CTAs will build brand awareness, grow traffic to your website, and more importantly lead to more sales.

To improve the success of your email campaigns, incorporate the above 4 tips into your CTAs.

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