Unanswerable Questions. Is God Real?

Yes – This is a picture of footballers. But please bear with me.

I try to answer my kids questions the best I can at all times. Admittedly I sometimes skirt around the edges or gloss over the less age appropriate facts but don’t actively avoid answering. That is except on one subject, the one I try to avoid…God.

It was easier when they were smaller they never really asked. They came to their own conclusions like ‘Jesus came back to life to make chocolate’

Spud does RE at school and we’ve often spoke about different religions, beliefs and customs relating to them. I think it is important for him & madam to know about these things as I like most people don’t want to raise my children to discriminate against anyone.

A few months ago my son came home from school to ask us what Religion we are, as people at school had asked when they were learning about the Hindu festival of lights. I asked him what he told them he said ‘that we’re normal’. ahh alarm bells ringing in my mind about how poor my teachings were with regards to our faith or rather lack of. I swiftly recovered by saying ‘yes we are normal, just like all other people no matter what religion. Being normal has nothing to do with religion.’ He was happy with that and off he went probably to play with Lego or whatever….and I forgot about it.

Last night he asked me if God was real, I ashamedly got out of it by saying ‘not now I’m making tea and you’re supposed to be getting ready for your bath’ (both true). But the real reason is I just have no idea what to say.

I don’t believe in God i believe in a more Scientific way of looking at life. I have no religious orientation at all. Their Dad is a non practising Christian – as in he’s been christened (i’ve not) but that’s all. We have quite a few members of family who are openly religious and take their life within the church quite seriously.

We never had either of the kids christened – I felt it would be hypocritical of me to do so, and also we felt that when they’re older they could choose for themselves which religion, if any they would choose to follow.

My problem is I don’t want to force my beliefs on them.

I can see the appeal of belonging to a church/religious community. A sense of belonging, and never being alone. The feeling of comfort in knowing/thinking that the people you have lost have moved on to a better place and that one day you will rejoin them.

How can I take that away from them? After all I could be wrong (as a Science geek thats pretty hard to say). I want them to make up their own minds.

Saying ‘I don’t know’ is such a cop out…what do I do?

Surely all I can do is give that facts. My children know more than the basics on Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Muslim faiths.

What more should I be doing?