The Primadonna

Astrid imagined what she would say “I demand more of you – this is nowhere near good enough” “but…””no. no excuses, you’re pathetic. I deserve better”. She did deserve better. She deserved the best. Astrid was as her name suggested a divine beauty, and she knew it.

There was little she couldn’t get away with and she enjoyed pushing the boundaries as much as she could. There is a fine line between love and hate. She walked that line like it was a tightrope and she did it with elegance and grace.

Astrid sighed and stretched. It was time to get up, and she was hungry. Max approached her “Hello Astrid..” she strutted past ignoring him, he wasn’t worthy of her time. Joy was in the kitchen making coffee. “Food” Astrid demanded. “Good morning Astrid, you look beautiful today” she said. “I know. FOOD. NOW” she replied.

Joy hurried off under the scrutiny of Astrid to prepare her breakfast. She pitied Joy, she could be so much more than she was only if she tried. She stifled a laugh at how easy she was to push around, it made things so simple for Astrid.

Her food arrived. “There you go, it’s your favourite!” said Joy. Astrid sniffed at the meal placed in front of her, she turned and glared at Joy. “What? What is this?” she screamed. “Whats’ the matter?” “You expect me to eat this? Even Max can do better than this” exclaimed Astrid as she stood and walked away.

“Wish I hadn’t bothered” Joy muttered under her breath as Max entered the room. “Is she still refusing to eat?” he asked. Joy nodded. “I don’t know what’s wrong with her these days. I’m sure she hates me.” “I don’t think she likes anyone.” Max and Joy embraced as they watched Astrid walk through the garden. “I bet a baby would be easier to please” he joked.

Astrid was a Queen in her mind and they were here to serve her. Their inadequacies bored her. They needed to do better, she deserved perfection. She wanted her own way and would stop at nothing to get it. She was still hungry. “Nancy” she thought. “Nancy will get my breakfast.” She turned and strutted off down the lane.

After a short walk she arrived at Nancy’s the kitchen door was ajar so she entered. Nancy was putting away her groceries. Excellent timing. “Nancy” she shouted. “Oh hello there. Hungry I suppose?””Yes” Nancy went to prepare her some breakfast. Astrid watched her. She liked Nancy she was efficient and didn’t talk too much. In fact her breakfast was ready in moments.

Astrid inspected her food before devouring it in seconds, followed by a long cool drink of milk. That was better. Much better. She paused for a moment before turning to leave. “Finished so soon?” asked Nancy. “Goodbye cat.”

As Astrid looked for a place to nap she smiled to herself. “Stupid humans” she laughed.