[SAMPLE] Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

This is a sample of a copywriting project.

Back in April 2015 Google announced that they would be rolling out an update. In which they will look at how mobile friendly a website is and rank it accordingly. For some businesses ‘Mobilegeddon’ isn’t a problem, as their site may already be responsive or considered mobile friendly. However for many small businesses it could be a concern. This update has had s serious impact on search results and is something that should’t be ignored or taken lightly.

Until recent years people primarily used their desktop computers or laptops to find products and complete purchases. Businesses could easily manage with a website that wasn’t overly mobile-friendly.

In todays world consumers are more demanding than ever. The increase use of mobiles and tablets for internet access has meant that customers have got used to getting exactly what they want. When they want it. If your website isn’t mobile responsive you risk being overlooked and left behind.
Whether your aim is to capture leads, inform customers or make sales, it is vital that your website works with all the latest devices.

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly in Google’s eyes?

To test your website there is a Mobile-Friendly Test. You simply need to enter your website into the box, click on analyse and it will show whether your site is considered mobile friendly or not. If your site doesn’t pass the test, it will list the reasons why.

How can you make your website mobile friendly?

This comes down to how your website is built. If it was built using WordPress it may just be a case of completing some updates to WordPress or your theme. Or It could mean changing your theme completely for a fully responsive theme.
If your site was built by a developer, or using another content management system. It is likely that you will need some help making your site mobile friendly.

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