[Sample] Bitcoin CPU Mining

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So, you’ve heard about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that everybody is talking about? You’ve seen the rise of the so called ‘Bitcoin Millionaires’ and now you want a piece of the action. You know about mining, specifically Bitcoin CPU mining and now you’re keen to have a go yourself.

Well, if you’re wondering what’s the best CPU for Bitcoin mining, there’s no need. Because unfortunately, there isn’t one. You’re too late. Sorry.

Back in Bitcoin’s early days, with only a few coins in existence, a standard home computer was more than good enough to mine coins. In the early days, it was quite possible to mine up to 100 coins a day with just a regular home computer.

But as the value of Bitcoin has grown so has the competition to mine them. And that means more and more computer processing power is needed.

That’s where GPU mining came in. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It’s the chip on a computer’s graphics card that is designed to do repetitive calculations. But despite the name, it’s not only used for processing graphics. Though they are often used for graphics in gaming computers their power and flexibility make them ideal for mining Bitcoin.

Or at least it did. GPU mining didn’t last very long either due to the increased value of Bitcoin and the competitiveness of mining.

You see, a GPU is roughly equal to the power of 30 CPUs. So for a while, they were a massive upgrade.

But as things got more competitive the technology increased again. It wasn’t long before even the GPUs in home computers just couldn’t compete with the ASIC. Also known as ‘application specific integrated circuit’ chips found in large Bitcoin mining rigs.

ASIC is an exclusively designed microchip. Created for a specific use rather than general purpose like CPUs. ASICs were first created for Bitcoin mining in 2013. With the aim of executing hashing algorithms as fast as possible. A single ASIC miner is equal to around 400 GPUs or 12,000 CPUs! To put that into perspective, a Bitcoin ASIC calculates hashes at roughly 100,000 times the speed of the fastest CPUs.

But of course, great power comes at great cost. ASICs rigs cost many thousands of dollars, not to mention the electricity needed to run them 24 hours a day. Effectively pricing the home Bitcoin miner out of the market. Nowadays most Bitcoin mining is done on huge, industrial scale mining farms. Often located in obscure, far away countries with much lower electricity rates.

In the world of cryptocurrency, the majority of the coins earned by miners is still based on POW.

ASIC, GPU, and CPU vitally important to successfully mining. ASIC is the most efficient way to mine bitcoin hardware.

If you have a large budget for equipment costs and intend to mine for a long time period, then ASIC is the best option for you. For something a little more low maintenance you could try GPU. It can still give you some ROI. It is not really advisable to start mining with CPU anymore. This does not mean that mining Bitcoins from home with your CPU is not possible anymore. It just means that it is very unlikely to be profitable. 

With the popularity of Bitcoin growing so quickly, there was also increased interest in mining. Price rises have lead to cloud mining becoming the best solution. Becoming the gateway to the world of cryptocurrency mining for anyone and everyone who wanted to get involved.

Cloud mining

Bitcoin mining could only remain popular by becoming available to every person who was interested in mining. Cloud mining is just that. After a quick, simple registration process you can start earning Bitcoins.

All it takes is just a few clicks.

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