Musical Memories

As a writer one of my main passions is reading, my other one is music. I have such a love of music and a great amount of respect for people who create it. It has strong connections to most things in our daily lives, be it on the TV programmes we watch, the songs played at special occasions or listening to the radio when you’re stuck in traffic. There’s no escaping it and if you think hard enough you could probably make your own personal sound track to accompany your life.

Music is everywhere and even when it’s not I often have a song or a tune running through my mind.

As music is such an important part of my life I’ve decided to share with you one of my earliest, strongest musical memories.

Growing up I had 5 Grandparents, the traditional cuddly one, the strict one, the absent one, the fun one & the soft one. This memory relates to the fun Grandparent. I was always my Grandmas favourite, whether it was because I was her only grand daughter (I am seriously out numbered by male family members in my generation) or because she sensed I was the next black sheep of the family, I will never know.  She was fun, always, even at the end when she’d been in and out of hospitals for far too many years. She had an infectious laugh that was ridiculously loud and it was usually accompanied by her crying – she seemed unable to laugh without bringing herself to tears.

Anyway back to the memory…she lived close to me as a child and I was allowed to go around on my own whenever I wanted – I was supposed to be a good girl and walk down the road to the crossing but I never did (sorry dad), so I spent a lot of time there. I’d just turn up for tea, she was an awfully bad cook so mostly it was salad & sarnies, but she’d always give me ice cream. She was the only person who’d warm it up for me in the microwave too (I didn’t like cold ice cream) but whenever she cooking (yes sandwiches aren’t cooked but you know what I mean) she would always sing the same song and then we’d make up silly extra verses to add onto the end.

This song always makes me smile and think of her and has a permanent spot in my iTunes.