This Is An Old Post I wrote For A Blog In 2015 That Is No Longer Active

I wouldn’t class myself as a royalist, but then again I don’t hate them.

Prince Phillip I like for cringe value. You never know when he’s going to be completely inappropriate, he’s fond of accidental racism/sexism/*insert all the isms. At least I think It’s accidental.

Harry is the one that seems normal – if by normal you mean totally loaded and privileged beyond the wildest dreams of us muggles. But he seems like he’d be a laugh to go for beers with and he could more than afford to get a few rounds in.

William & Kate I’m not to fussed with.

It annoys me that they try to tell us she’s a commoner. HAHHAHAHAHAHA.

George & Charlotte I feel sorry for as they’re going to spend their childhood being hounded by the press. I wonder how old Charlotte will be before the tabloids start fat shaming her?

Prince Charles & Camilla again not too fussed with, although I get the feeling they’d be quite a laugh after a few very expensive glasses of wine. I also have a sneaky suspicion that they could be swingers.

Then there’s Queen Elizabeth or as I like to call her ‘our Liz’. You see I like the Queen a lot. When I was younger I used to think she was my Grandma – no I’m not batshit crazy – they looked alike. They still do. I think this has what’s made her feel more human and relatable than the other Royals.

Our Liz or My Grandma?
Either way she looks angry.

I think we’d get on. She’d shake her head and grin at my cheeky ways and call me by my full name which I’d hate. And we’d drink copious amounts of tea or gin together.

I picture her baking cakes & pies, filling her days flower arranging, or walking the corgis. Surely she must, right?

However our Liz has got in my bad books this year. When that ************ David Cameron went a knocking to see if he could be the big boss of the government what did she do? Realise the hounds? Send him to the dungeons?

No. She asked him to form a government and gave him tea & the cakes that she had been baking!! (Ok so I may be imaging the last part). Pfft. We’re on shaky ground now our Liz….

So what do you think, Does the Queen like baking?

Would she win GBBO – I bet she’d make friends with Mary.