Copy Writing For Twitter

Twitter estimates that on average, around 6,000 tweets are sent per second. Which equates to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute – that is around 500 million per day!

How can you make sure your Tweets stand out? And what sort of content should you post?

There are no set rules to adhere to but it is all about balance. You need a good mix of promo/links and more chatty/none promo tweets.

Nobody wants to follow a stream of adverts!

Top Things To Consider:

  • Tone – Make it personal. Professional doesn’t mean formal.
  • Hashtags – Don’t just jump on random Hashtags. Stick to relevant ones.
  • Engage your followers – Try to spark debate or conversation.
  • Don’t be lazy – Always reply to followers. Don’t use text speak – it comes across as lazy.
  • Check your links – Always check that any links you post lead to the right place. Broken links are off-putting and if people notice you using them they won’t click in future.
  • Stop and think before you send. – Reread all you tweets before sending.Simple mistakes often stand out.

You only have 280 characters in a Tweet.

Use them wisely and it can really pay off!

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