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A snapshot.A moment in time.A memory to keep,But we’d rather forget.You see the smiles,Not the pain inside.Hidden under the glossThe image is tarnished in my mind.We only show the coverNot the story hidden within.

The Primadonna

Astrid imagined what she would say “I demand more of you – this is nowhere near good enough” “but…””no. no excuses, you’re pathetic. I deserve better”. She did deserve better. She deserved the best. Astrid was as her name suggested a divine beauty, and she knew it. There was little she couldn’t get away with…

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Does Everyone Have A Book In Them?

I’m a daydreamer…I drift off into my own little world at times. I’m also a weird dreamer. The odd thoughts / sequences that go through my mind as I sleep are often quite detailed, and vary somewhat. I write them down and have pages of non sequential tales. One day I’ll give it a shot…

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The Darkness

I sit here in a darkened room consumed with fear in the aftermath. Exiled from my bed, a shaking, shivering wreck. I know that you hate me – I’ve known it for quite some time. If we didn’t have such a sting tie to each other, you’d have been gone years ago. I’m an endless…

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This Is An Old Post I wrote For A Blog In 2015 That Is No Longer Active I wouldn’t class myself as a royalist, but then again I don’t hate them. Prince Phillip I like for cringe value. You never know when he’s going to be completely inappropriate, he’s fond of accidental racism/sexism/*insert all the…

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