On Your Bike! (Freecycle Etiquette)

Freecycle – a land of mystery, hope and intrigue.

All right, that’s a bit over the top I’ll admit.

Freecycle has many uses, I’ve used it many times to get rid of old unwanted things rather than paying for them to be taken away. It makes me feel good about myself knowing that somebody else will benefit from the things we no longer have use for. It’s a great source for anyone who is struggling and needs furniture. It’s interesting to browse through in the hope that your beloved broken 1962 vintage whatdya call it might appear. (or something similar)

The bit I don’t like is the collection. Some people seem to be very awkward and non committal as to when they will appear, and then upon arrival they’re – for lack of a better word – rude. They usher themselves into your home take your stuff and then get outta there as fast as they can. Now I’m not saying they should take me for a pint and declare that we now have a life long friendship but a thank you wouldn’t go a miss.

Then the tables were turned, I become the picker upper on the Freecycle game of roulette. I was getting a book case from a lovely lady. We exchanged many a polite email – I honestly never knew I could be so nice. We arranged a time and a date to pick up. The day came I had to change the time rather last minute – epic fail – I hate when they do this to me the ungrateful so and sos.

She was seemed about it, although in reality she was probably calling me every name under the sun to her husband – unless she’s actually nice and doesn’t just pretend to be like me.

The real problem when was I arrived, I was invited in and panicked – was I supposed to take my shoes off? they had a cream carpet.
How many times was is ok to say thank you without seeming like a psychopath? I think I failed at this one.
What do you do when you’ve loaded up your car? Why you ramble like a fool and make small talk, say thank you 126 more times and then leave.

I now know why people seem rude, they don’t know what to say. I went for the rambling idiot option. I think their way may be better.

And just incase she thought I wasn’t polite enough I then sent her a thank you card through the post. Now I’m worried that sent out the message ‘I am a psychopath and I know where you live’

Do you freecycle?

Can you please fill me in on the correct etiquette?