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A snapshot.A moment in time.A memory to keep,But we’d rather forget.You see the smiles,Not the pain inside.Hidden under the glossThe image is tarnished in my mind.We only show the coverNot the story hidden within.

International Women’s Day – None Of Us Are Ordinary.

It wasn’t until my mum died suddenly and unexpectedly just over 2 years ago that I got to know my Grandma. I’ve known her all my life – but I never really KNEW her until then. My mum was an only child and since my Grandads death in 2007 she was also my Grandmas best…

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My Week In Photos (6/3/20)

My lovely new green suede Doc Martens (not ideal in this weather). Toilet graffiti (not mine). Response to toilet graffiti (also not mine). Squirrel nookie. Trying to be healthy. Giant potato.

[SAMPLE] Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

This is a sample of a copywriting project. Back in April 2015 Google announced that they would be rolling out an update. In which they will look at how mobile friendly a website is and rank it accordingly. For some businesses ‘Mobilegeddon’ isn’t a problem, as their site may already be responsive or considered mobile…

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Copy Writing For Twitter

Twitter estimates that on average, around 6,000 tweets are sent per second. Which equates to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute – that is around 500 million per day! How can you make sure your Tweets stand out? And what sort of content should you post? There are no set rules to adhere to but it is all about balance. You…

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The Primadonna

Astrid imagined what she would say “I demand more of you – this is nowhere near good enough” “but…””no. no excuses, you’re pathetic. I deserve better”. She did deserve better. She deserved the best. Astrid was as her name suggested a divine beauty, and she knew it. There was little she couldn’t get away with…

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Writing CTA Emails

Before learning how you write an effective CTA for your emails, you need to understand how they differ from other marketing channels like blog posts or social media content. All of the words in your email is an extension of your Call To Action, which is what can make writing CTA emails difficult. Nobody really reads long marketing emails…

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