Are We Deleting The Good Bits?

In the age of digital cameras and smart phones it’s so easy to take photos that’s it’s become a normal part of daily life. We take so many. We take them of practically everything.

Gone are the days of needing to find a shop to get film developed – hoping that they’d turn out good enough to use. Now we can just take endless photos and delete any bad ones, blurred ones, or accidental ones.

We can have endless folders filled with flawless pictures, rather than a few books filled with fuzzy images. Shots with nobody looking at the camera or random stray arm/leg photos. Photos which nobody has insisted you delete and retake.

Digital cameras and phones have made it so easy to not miss any of those special moments but sometimes the unplanned pictures that don’t turn out perfect are the best.

Maybe we should embrace these imperfections rather than just hitting delete!